Unbreakable, yet stylish.

Plakira elevates tableware to a new standard by making culinary experiences more stylish and premium while promising safety and comfort.

"Plakira" the brand name stands for plastic and Akira, the name of the founder, hoping to elevate the value of plastic.

3 key features

1. Simple yet iconic design

Designed by ‘secca’ who offers tableware in Michelin star restaurants. The glass-like premium look and feel, combined with the curved lines give Plakira cups an iconic look. The curved rim also serve to help air flow through even when placed upside down to dry, helping to keep it more hygienic. The curves also help kids drink easily without spilling.

2. Remarkably resistant and child-friendly

Made with resistant Tritan plastic that stays intact even when run over by a car or dropped for more than 1000 times. It is BPA-free and thermally resistant. (heat up to 212℉, cold up to -22℉) Perfect for parents & children of all ages.

3. Hand crafted in Japan. Quality guaranteed for lifetime

Every cup is made by Japanese artisans. We also offer a special lifetime guarantee in the case of any damage to ensure customer satisfaction.